Our Future: Self-Determination

We, the rightful and proven lineal descendants of the Coast Miwok Indigenous people of Marin County, California, exercising our right to self-determination governance under PL 93-638, a federal law enacted on January 4, 1975, have assembled a council of tribal leaders, the Coast Miwok Tribal Council of Marin, to:

o     Cultivate our unique identity and heritage.

o     Protect our rights.

o     Provide for the sustainability and development of our traditional culture.

o     Economically develop our communities.

o     Educate our youth.

o     Train our workforce.

Kule (koo-lay): Bear

Mu'k-'am Ka ‘I-ni’iko:  We are all family.

To learn more, email: coastmiwokofmarin@gmail.com

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